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What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are real life immersive 'beat the clock' experiences, in which teams enter a themed room that contains a complex series of puzzles and challenges to achieve a common goal.  All of this must be done within a time limit of 1 hour. 

Patrons don’t escape the room; the room is the escape. It is a chance for everyone to unplug from technology and connect with friends, family and colleagues. 

Fun Night Out

Looking for something different to do for a fun night out with your friends? 

Escape NE Ohio is the answer. Escape from your everyday and journey to a world of imagination. 

Escape rooms give an experience like no other. After all, what else allows you to engage in solving a murder mystery or finding a notorious pirate's booty both safely and legally?!?

Private Parties

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday party, graduation or retirement? 

Our venue is perfect for hosting private parties for birthdays, graduations, retirement, anniversaries, bachelor/ette, reunions, holiday parties and much more! 

Want to schedule your adventure on one of our 'off' days?  Contact us and we'll be happy to work out the details with you.

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Escape NE Ohio - Murder!
Success Rate: 61.0%
ROOM 1:  Murder! Mystery (designed for 2 - 4 participants)
Margaret Cornwall was a 60 year old English spinster who lived a quiet life in her cottage on the edge of town.  Up until she retired, she worked at the local bookshop, saving most of what she earned because she didn't have any family to spend it on.  She always said when her time came to pass from this world she would leave all of her possessions to her closest friend.

Once a week Margaret invited a group of her friends over for tea.  She spent most of her free time tending to her beautiful rose garden and walking her most loyal companion, her beloved Corgi, Duke.  After her last tea with a few of her friends, Margaret wound up dead.

The mode of murder is hidden in the room.  Find it and you've found the murderer.
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Escape NE Ohio - Captain's Quarters
Success Rate: 49.3%
ROOM 2:  Captain's Quarters (designed for 3 - 6 participants)
The year is 1778, treasure hunters near and far have been searching for the wreckage of Blackbeard's infamous flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

According to legend, Blackbeard's most valuable prize was the Mammoth Diamond which was reputed to endow the owner with the ability to harness the power of the sea.

Blackbeard, even in death, watches over his prize with his cursing gaze.  Legend tells that the only time the diamond can be taken without suffering the wrath of Blackbeard's curse is to find it during the 60 minutes when the Blood Moon sits at its apex.

Find the treasure to break the curse and live to tell the tale.
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Escape NE Ohio - Egyptian Tomb
Success Rate: 60.8%
ROOM 3:  Egyptian Tomb (designed for 4 - 8 participants)
For hundreds of years ancient Egyptians were devoted followers of Ra, the god of sun.  The Egyptian Pharaoh Niserre,  a devoted follower of Apophis the snake god and adversary of Ra, came into power.  
Niserre turned the people against Ra and began worshipping Apophis as well.  Apophis, pleased with Niserre’s leadership and as a blessing, gave him a relic to bless his reign. This relic was buried with the pharaoh upon his death.  Ra was angered and wrathful and cursed Niserre’s people with famine and plagues.

The cursed relic still lies deep within the ancient Egyptian tomb.  You and your team must search for this relic and rid it from the tomb in order to break its dark curse and free the people from Ra's Wrath!
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