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Sharon B.

Loved it! So much fun! If you are looking for a fun time, you have to give this a try. Will definitely be coming back to try the other rooms!

Chrissy W.

Lots of fun will be going back to explore the other rooms.

David B.

Chris W.

Kim W.

Monica R.

I had a lot of fun doing this with friends! Some of the clues really make you think! I can't wait to go again!!!

Pam W.

I was so excited to find Escape NE Ohio! We had our daughters' 13th birthday party there, and didn't have to worry about a thing except bringing food and drinks. 10 girls split in to 2 groups doing 2 different rooms at the same time, and they had a blast! They have a viewing room so we could see and hear everything, and the ESCAPENEOHIO team was there to help them if they needed it! We did the Captain's Quarters and the Egyptian Tomb rooms. After they "escaped", tables were set up for the girls to have pizza and drinks! What a fun night! Can't wait to plan an adult evening for our next trip! Thanks so much ESCAPENEOHIO for providing great fun for Warren, Ohio to enjoy!

Ashley W.

Kimberly W.
We had a great time doing the murder room! Can't wait until we go back to tackle the Pirates!!!

Felicia C.
SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to see what they come out with next! Staff was so friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend, great time.

Nicki H.

Krissy T.

Miranda M.
Had a great time!! The murder room was awesome! 10/10 would definitely recommend!"

Tiffany K.

Tiffany M.
Fun for the whole family!! The staff is super friendly! We definitely recommend checking this place out!! We can't wait to go back!"

Amanda C.
We had a great time and we kicked butt in the Captain's Corner!! Can't wait to come again and try the other room!!"

Tracy W.
We had the best time!!! The boys couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. Can't wait to go back and try another room!"

Nick W.
It was great to bring the Champion football coaching staff out to build our teamwork and team bonding skills before the season. The pirate room made us work together and use each of our strengths to accomplish a goal. Would recommend this to anyone looking to build teamwork and see what each person brings to the table for the betterment of the group. We had a great time!!"

Asha G.

Philip G.

Kathy G.
We did the murder room. Had a great time. The owners are awesome people. Can't wait to go back."

Lynann I.
Yay!! It was great! Definitely tricky, but so fun and worth doing! The pirate room was very detailed and put together very well. Thank you, for a great time guys!!"

Kerra F.
We had a great time! This was the first time that I have participated in an Escape room. I will definitely do it again. The owners are great... You can tell they really enjoy what they are doing. I highly recommend you give it a try."

Alea J.

Michael S.
Had a great time last night. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I would like this sort of thing, but my concerns were quickly set aside. It was fun and the staff were very professional and helpful. It's a great way to spend time with friends or family."

Alex S.
Excellent experience and well developed rooms and hopefully many more clever and well designed ideas to come!"

Erik H.
Excellent staff, great rooms. This is a perfect family activity, date night or team building activity. Unplug from technology and use that gray matter in your skull! We will be regular customers!"

Max H.
awesome time in warren, ohio! went for a company teambuilding exercise and will be returning with my friends before the end of the summer!"

Erin E.

Michael M.
I scheduled both rooms for my daughters 17th birthday party. Her and 4 friends did the pirate room; my wife, 8 year old daughter and myself did the murder room. Everyone had a blast!! Be sure to pay close attention to everything and read the clues carefully!! Thank you ESCAPE NE OHIO!"

Shannan M.
We took my daughter and a few friends there for her 17th birthday party. They had a blast in the pirate room while my husband and youngest daughter explored the murder mystery room."

Natalie K.
The Pirate Room was SO much fun!! It's something to do that's totally different and exciting, and I'm so glad something like this has come to our area. I can't wait to try out the Mystery! room next, and any future rooms to come!! It's at a great location too, right outside of downtown Warren. Definitely recommend this for people of all ages!"

Alexis M.
Had a great time with friends! It's a great way to escape reality, and gets you thinking!"

Kelly H.
The murder room was a terrific time with my kids! We had a blast and highly recommend this fun little adventure! What a great bonding time! Thank you!!"

Taylor K.

Clintasaurus R.

Logan R.
ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! Most fun I've had in a while. The staff there is incredibly nice and helpful. Thank you for bringing this to Warren."

Kelly H.
This was challenging but fun. Great for a team building exercise. I can't wait to visit again."

Braden R.

John R.
This was a fantastic experience! The only frustration was with myself because we should have broken the time record!!! So much fun! The owners were amazing! I will be back!"

Tracy R.
We had a great time with our staff here! The owners were wonderful and fun. Definitely would recommend!"

Brittany B.
We stopped in and did the Murder! Room had a great time. It was appropriately challenging and fun to do with a group of friends. The story was entertaining and made you think!"

Linda C.
Went with the family today and we kicked butt. We set a new record and had a blast doing it."

Judy C.
was a lot of fun. recommend taking your friends to this"

Michael S.
Had a great time!!! Lots of fun!! Be sure to check it out!"

Adora D.
We were there last night! I cant say enough good stuff! So exciting and fun! Glad that there is something fun for all ages to do! Great owners too! So friendly and helpful!"

Jennifer M.
Great night in the Escape Room. This was my first time trying this. I had a blast. Everyone needs to try it."

Joe A.
My friends and I had a great time in the Pirate Room! The room was well decorated, and the clues were well written. The room is VERY family friendly, and the perfect evening out for small groups or families! We are looking forward to hearing about the new \"guest choice\" room, and returning soon!"

Chelsea J.
Went with my friends and we had a great time! Definitely makes you think outside the box. I recommend to everyone that you stop down and try the rooms out! We did the Murder room, and I can't wait to stop back and try the Pirate Ship room!"

Rachel M.
My friends and I had a wonderful time!! Considering this place just opened very recently, it was fantastic. We enjoyed ourselves very much! And we beat the record time for our room, so that's a plus �"

Greg W.
This was a blast! The room was very challenging, and it really felt like you were on a pirate ship. Highly recommend! A must do in Warren."

Barbara A.
JMJ. Oh my gosh, so much fun!! A very enjoyable experience !!"

Hannah S.
So much fun! Definitely would recommend to friends! :) Excited to go back again!"

Amanda F.
This was an awesome experience. This was my first time with an escape room. I'm glad this was so close to home and very reasonable. Highly recommend going to. Very fun!"

Stacy W.
The escape room was such a fun night out! I recommend this to anyone looking for some entertainment. It was a great challenging activity that I enjoyed working through with my husband and sister. This is a MUST do!! Can't wait to go back!"

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